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Discover how to improve your site’s page speed and responsiveness to enhance customer satisfaction, reduce bounce rates, and convert visitors into buyers.


Ensure that your site meets accessibility guidelines and that no barriers prohibit users from making purchases and becoming repeat customers.

Best Practices

Evaluate your online store’s adherence to modern standards of web development to maintain a trustworthy, high-performing online shopping experience.

Search Engine Optimization

Learn whether your storefront is set up for search engine success, and whether your products will appear in front of ready-to-buy online searchers.

Elastic Path Composable Blend

Get a detailed, actionable
storefront performance report

Learn where your online store is leaving conversions and revenue on the table, and highlight the value of site performance to your broader organization.


Simple scoring

Top metrics are presented using grades that any user can understand.

Analyze your site performance

Get exact measurements of your site’s speed and dynamism in an easy to understand format, courtesy of Google Lighthouse.

See how you rank relative to top online storefronts

Know where you stand in the competitive digital commerce landscape with a benchmark rating against top sites.

Understand your tech stack at a glance

Quickly grasp the composition and effectiveness of your website’s technology stack with an easy-to-understand overview.

Get actionable next steps

Address key improvement and optimize your commerce sites with practical recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

Jeff Neil

“There’s no way any of us know how commerce technology will look five years from now, but having a flexible, composable commerce core will make it easier to adjust when we need to.”

Jeff Neil
VP of Software Engineering at Vivrelle

Sarah Bedrick

“Elastic Path allows us to create engaging web content quickly, without code or extensive training. Our site is fast and keeps prospects’ attention.”

Sarah Bedrick
Chief Marketing Officer at Compt.io

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Analyze your store's website and get actionable insights to improve site speed, conversion rates, and much more!